Happy Herbivore Abroad Review-Day 15(yesterday)Cajun Stuffed Mushrooms

Hello my beautiful blog family! How have you all been? I am doing well. I started(second time doing this!) my Turbo Fire again and I am finally back to being sleepy on TIME! Lmbo! Anyway, here is the last recipe review of the book Happy Herbivore Abroad by Lindsay S. Nixon. I chose this one.

Picture 324
Picture 325
Picture 326

The Cajun stuffed mushrooms are from the good ‘ol USA! It is 12 calories, and can be made in 15 minutes! I followed the directions for these appetizers and I guess I am a bit “heavy-handed”. Although the recipe itself was good, I kept ripping my mushrooms trying to stuff them! :( Yeah, I know. I got so frustrated that I wound up cutting it up and putting it in a wrap! I think you can put anything in a wrap and it still taste good! LMBO! This recipe gets four stars. ****

Well, that’s it for this book review! Did you manage to get the book yourself and try any recipes? You HAVE to let me know! I hope I encouraged you to want to try more delicious foods that may be a little “out of your comfort zone” but fun to try! Here are a few of my other books you may want to try as well!

Picture 031-my cookbooks

I did a book review on “The Vegan Comfort Foods” book a few months back. Those recipes were tasty as well! What did I think of this book? I LOVED IT!!! The stories were fun, the pictures were great!(because we ALL know that I don’t like cookbooks without pictures!)The food was unique and I enjoyed trying out new recipes,ESPECIALLY from around the world! Five stars ***** to the author for coming up with this brilliant idea and putting it into an incredible book! I will continue to make many more recipes from all of these fabulous books! If YOU purchased this “Happy Herbivore Abroad” book, let me know what YOU thought about it! ;)

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